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Garages for rent Chester, PA By ShaunJ

Homes for rent Chester By ShaunJ

Finance By ShaunJ

Tell us what you think about our web site By ShaunJ

Check Out This Cool Chat Room By ShaunJ

Investment Club Info By ShaunJ

Links I Love to Go To

Yahoo If you are a Googler you should try this one. do you Yahoo?????? I do

My Site Its the one you are on

Boating with TR If you boat on the upper Chesapeake Bay then you probably know TR

C&D Canal Traffic If you are heading down to the Chesapeake's eastern shore you have probably been over the C&D Canal. If you check this site out before you go you may be able to time your trip with a large ship going under the bridge when you are going over it. Let me know how you make out. I have tried this a few times and about 1/2 the time I see the ship under me when I go over top. The driver should not take his or her eyes off the road, this is for your passengers delight not yours, I would hate to read about you in the obits.

While you are @ the C&D Canal Bridge you may as well stop at the Chesapeake Inn for a great view of the Canal Traffic         Check this one out if you have never heard about this enterprising young man. This guy sold pixels on his website to advertisers, pixel by pixel and made One Cool Million