Gina Marie
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The Gina Marie is a 16' Lund Pro Sport

She is named after the old lady incase you wanted to know.

This aluminum fish and ski walleye boat is just about the best aluminum boat on the market today. The Gina Marie makes two trips a year to Black Lake New York . IF you don't know where this is I can tell you for a $10 fee, I take pay pal to make it easier for you.

While staying at Toti's Cottages on the lake The Gina Marie is in her glory, the 90hp Mercury make this 20 mile long lake seems small to me. The fishing was great this May. Although bass were not in season they seemed to hit everything we threw for Pike. Walleye were plentiful as were the Musky big. This lake has everything a fisherman needs. When it comes time to head to camp, Pat and Tony are there to help out if you need it. They now have a web site